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ADHD & Dyslexia are neurodevelopmental disorders coexisting & affecting so many individuals and their family and friends for life.


股票打新规则_操盘手培训_2020 期货模拟交易大赛

###The U.S. Department of Education

Indicate that weak cognitive skills are the source of over 80% of learning problems.

Yet the CDC Center for disease control and prevention estimates: Only 2 out of 10 children received any cognitive skills training

Cognitive Skills Play a major Role in a Individual’s development…

Like you, we care about every individual getting an excellent education, so they have a fulfilling life and career!

  • Feelings of being dumb, stupid, lost, alone, fearful, afraid, sorry all the time, etc. the list is long and hard to think about for me.

  • The feeling I am sorry all the time....

  • Feelings of boredom...

  • Fighting Stress, anxiety, daily...

  • Fighting stigma's around Mental Health...

  • Feeling my actions are wrong...
ADHD Person vs Non ADHD Person brain activity

ADHD Person vs Non ADHD Person brain activity

Dyslexia person vs non dyslexia person brain activity

Dyslexia person vs non dyslexia person brain activity


These days most parents choose to medicate their ADHD child. It can be a hard choice for some but many jump right in. Big pharma makes 15 + billion on these med’s, through doctors and funding study after study proving their success in individual productivity. But over 20+% population can’t take these drugs, or the side effects are too high. Also, none of these med’s help with cognitive skills improvement we’ll talk about later.

Thank god when I was a kid in the ’60s my parent didn’t take or know of the option to institutionalization and tranquilizes me which was a standard procedure back then. They were later replaced with med’s like Ritalin and Adderall so kids wouldn’t be tranquilized a step in the right direction.   

Plus I was diagnosed with Dyslexia tell 1990 when I was 30, lucky for me my hometown of Topeka. Ks. had a top psychiatric hospital  Menningers. 


Yes for me reading, spelling, and writing anything was hard all my 15 years in the education system I call it the( 2D world) hard to find success in this system for me. Only after leaving college my third year going into the (3D world) finding my superpowers becoming a successful entrepreneur like so many other Dyslexics and ADHDers. What interesting, I know now that over 35% of entrepreneur have one or both of these neurodevelopmental disorders. Said note is 45% of prisoners have one or both of the neurodevelopmental disorder also. 

Already being a successful business and having a family of my own with three small children. I still struggled to understand why I couldn’t read, spell, or write letters like everyone else. I started learning everything I could about Dyslexia, including going through Menninger's programs, and over the last 29 ever program I could find. Hooked on phonics, Countless how to programs; how to spell, read, speed reading, memory techniques, multisensory programs, self-improvement, and leadership programs and events? I was the #1 test subject and guinea pig back then, and I still am daily. With the last seven-year working daily with individuals from around the country, improving their lives with simple to follow and proven strategies and tactic, showing the structure individual need to succeed.

Are you a person that’s open-minded and believes your brain’s ability to rewire itself? Have you heard of stroke victims learning to walk and talk again after damaging their brain structure? Have you heard of neuroplasticity or neurogenesis? Do you know what two most important factors influencing brain speed and intelligence are? They are Neurotransmitters & neurons which happen within your brain through neurogenesis.

Rebuilding your brain with the right connection and getting all your processor working together takes a little effort but can be done easier than you think we’ll help you build a plan of action….


I can change…

1. Creating Possibilities

Improving Individual who are

  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Executive Function challenge
  • Cognitive Developmentally delayed
  • Learn Kinesthetically

2. Exercising new Opportunities

Take charge of ….

  • Improving behavior
  • Slow Processing Speed
  • Language Processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing

3. Love Learning & Life

Helping Improve….

  • Anxiety
  • Attention
  • Logic And Reasoning
  • Motor Skills
  • Social Skills

What if our program just improved one of the above symptoms wouldn’t it be worth it?

“Ben is now earning all A’s and B’s in school, is completing all classwork in class, is completing most homework assignments in class, and best of all, he is retaining the information and able to recall. On top of that, his social skills have greatly improved as well as his physical abilities.”
— Anita Wixon

“He has improved so much in focus/attention, coordination, and writing. I love that the program not only gave my son much-needed skills, but also strategies to help deal with the big emotions that come with years of not being able to do what the other kids find easy”
— Libby DuPont

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Only 2 out of10

children get

cognitive Skills

Training They


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